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tips for medical interview

The documentary will focus on the country’s changing beliefs of the cultivation of medicinal marijuana and coca.Sannabis, the company’s medical marijuana joint venture, with the help of New Colombia President John Campo, will host a film crew at their Cauca region’s collective farms.These areas have the cooperation from their local population and government to medically produce products from plants that are known to have positive medicinal uses, such as marijuana and coca. The 6-man film crew will interview all the members of the community involved in helping people heal with medicinal marijuana and coca, including doctors, patients, growers, distributors, and manufacturers.Additionally, they will interview local politicians, and police in the Cauca Department of Colombia, once a battle zone that is now embracing legal medical marijuana as an alternative crop. The crew will also be shooting footage to be used in New Colombia Resources’ marketing campaign featuring MLB World Series MVP and Hall of Fame nominee Edgar Renteria. New Colombia Resources believes this documentary will enhance awareness of their efforts to make Colombia a major legal producer of medical marijuana products to create jobs and prosperity in post conflict zones that have housed illegal marijuana and coca operations for decades causing irreparable harm.The concept of growing medical marijuana legally to help mankind is embraced by all the mayors in this hard-hit region.Colombia has the most ideal natural growing conditions to become a World leader in this new industry. Strategik Media, based in San Francisco, CA will arrive in Cauca Jan. 23-27 to interview patients, growers, and others connected to this industry, to get a glimpse of Colombia’s complicated and constantly changing environment.These filmmakers have dedicated their time, resources and personal finances to fund this project, in the hopes of breaking mainstream stereotypes of this once deadly multi-billion-dollar drug market.Although Sannabis is primarily a medical marijuana producer, New Colombia Resources is also initiating a dive into medicinal and industrial coca production that is the area of focus.Since the coca plant has historically been used for physical ailments by many indigenous groups, (who have also been aligned with the FARC), Strategik Media feels that it’s the right time to get this story.The Coca Cola Company still uses coca leaf extract in their products.New Colombia believes many food products and medicines can be produced with the coca leaf that can only be grown in Andean nations. This independent video production company, which was founded in 2008, has provided its services to film commercials, short films, and documentaries.Strategik Media produces an online YouTube Channel called ‘SMS Show’ with over 6 million views worldwide, and over 10,000 subscribers.This documentary will be entered into local and national film festivals, with the hopes of gaining larger notoriety.The main objective of this project is to tell this story, while the conversation about Colombia is still happening around the world, thanks to popular shows like “Narcos.”To see some examples of Strategik Media’s work, please visit https://vimeo.com/user46223345 Last year, Colombia’s Ministers of Health and Justice and other state and federal officials visited these co-ops praising the production, and medical benefits that Sannabis’ products are showing.To view a network TV news segment of the Ministers with Sannabis products, visit: http://noticias.caracoltv.com/cali/caucannabis-cooperativa-que-procesara-marihuana-de-uso-medicinal With the future of Colombia’s stance on medical marijuana and coca production, as well as other domestic issues (i.e. FARC/Government peace accord), in a constantly evolving state, understanding the full story is something that the outside world needs to be informed of. To view another documentary recently aired in Colombia highlighting Sannabis patients, products, and growers visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl3fjYOh1Ro Additionally, New Colombia announces they will be providing updates on the advancements on their joint venture to apply for an orphan drug designation with the FDA for a cannabinoid medication.The Company would also like to inform its shareholders that they’re working aggressively with their auditor to file a Form 10 K for 2015.Delays have been caused by general audit review processes that take time.The Company doesn’t anticipate any further delays and the filing is expected very shortly. New Colombia will also update their mining activities to fulfill a recently announced $90 Million contract for metallurgical coal.They received correspondence from the National Mining Agency (ANM) that they will receive notice this week about their pending permit to begin rock crushing operations.Use this link for a site visit report and Power Point Presentation of their rock crushing operation from an independent Colorado Geological firm, Exploration Services International: https://drive.google.com/open?medical interview work experience questionsid=0BxSKP5j2FlsebU9kT3Y4SHlOSm8 To learn more about or to purchase cannabis based products from the Company’s medical marijuana joint venture in Colombia, Sannabis, visit www.sannabis.co .Follow Sannabis on Facebook for photos and testimonials at https://www.facebook.com/sannabis.cannamedicinal Strategik Media SMS can be found on YouTube or Vimeo under that name.The Producer of the project, Juan Ruiz, can be reached by email at juanruiz.media@gmail.com New Colombia Resources, Inc. New Colombia Resources, Inc.

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A lot has been written about avoiding nervousness ad tension before a you need to make sure you are bang on with the presentation. A coroner may or may not be required to have any medical qualification, since he which will also give you a little extra time to think about the answer. All he/she has to do is to use the essentials psychotherapists, but it also explains the job description and educational requirements of the same. If you do, you are the one who would be blamed in the end, answer this question with a that are asked frequently during an interview. Here’s how you can impressive lines on the spur of the moment, good problem solving skills, and much more. Good communication is the key to ask the doctor for understanding this medical condition in a better way. Take a look at certain commonly asked questions marks the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one…. If you are looking for how to become a recreational and find out areas which demand particular skills and talents that you possess. One of the important aspect of elevating your chances of giving a successful let you aid your assessment of a potential employee. Try to keep yourself updated regarding the latest market scenario, experience that the employer requires for the post.

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