Straightforward Answers On Down-to-earth Job Hunting Programs

That being said, many companies still have applications open during the spring. You just need to know where to look. #Goals Think of the companies you want to work for, hunt for their programs, and pop them in the spreadsheet. For instance, if youre into publishing, youll think of Conde Nast or maybe something bookish like Little, Brown, and Company. Pro-tip: If you cant find links on the web, dont send cold emailscall the office. Ask where you can find the application for the companys summer internship. Theyll either give you an email, or tell you there isnt an internship available. If you get an email, ask for the receptionists name. In your email, mention the receptionist who gave you your contacts details so you dont look like an utter stalker. Career Development offices Career Development at Barnard and CCE at Columbia both send out emails with job opportunities, coffee chats, seminars, and help sessions. Pay attention to those.

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