Some Basics For Consideration With Intelligent Selection For Surgeon Products

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Welvie announced today that it has entered a partnership with MPIRICA Health, of Bellevue Washington, to offer MPIRICA’s outcomes-based surgical ratings to Welvie’s current customers including national Medicare Advantage and commercial health plans. Welvie and MPIRICA logos. Welvie, the nation’s leading surgery decision-support company now offers MPIRICA Quality Scores in its platform to enhance patients’ ability to choose the best performing surgeon and hospital. More info at: or More Participants will be able to access the scores through important link the Welvie program. They can search ratings by procedure, surgeon or hospital. There is wide disparity in surgical quality across the country for both outpatient and inpatient care, with the poorest performing facilities experiencing 3-5 times higher rates of complications, readmissions, and mortality. “Patients should be aware of these differences when evaluating potential hospitals and surgeons,” said Welvie CEO, Chip Tooke. Moreover, lack of quality is not only dangerous, it is expensive. Severe complications can increase a surgical procedure’s cost to almost six times more than the same procedure with no complications. “Welvie encourages consumers to investigate both doctors and hospitals before surgery, and access to MPIRICA Quality Scores will make it much easier to do so,” said Tooke.

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