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The adoption of aesthetic procedures is rising across the globe due to the growing aging population, increasing awareness about cosmetic procedures, growing safety and efficacy of aesthetic procedures owing to technological advancements, and rising middle class population. However, rising adoption of branded cosmetic products, social stigmas associated with cosmetic treatments and product recalls are some of the key challenges faced by companies in the medical aesthetic market. In this report, global medical aesthetics market has been segmented on the basis of products into energy-based devices, breast implants, facial aesthetics, tattoo removal devices, physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals and skin lighteners, thread lifting, physician-dispensed eyelash products, laser resurfacing devices, and laser hair removal devices. The energy-based devices segment is categorized into skin tightening and body shaping devices, liposuction devices, cellulite reduction devices and non-invasive fat reduction devices. Geographically, North America (comprising the U.S. and Canada) commanded the largest share in the global medical aesthetics market in 2015, followed by Europe. North America will continue to lead in the years to come, owing to rapidly aging and obese population, increasing demand for aesthetic procedures among male population. However, the Asia-Pacific region is poised to grow at the highest CAGR of 12.9% in the next five years. Companies Mentioned:

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Will Smith photos: Scene of shooting, plus pictures of him, his wife serving New Orleans community _lowres Surveillance video released after the shooting appeared to show the possible hit-and-runinvolving Smith and Hayes before the deadly incident. (Can’t see the video below? Click here .) New video in Will Smith shooting appears to show Hummer’s brake lights, two people taking cover A Hi-Volt Coffee Shop surveillance camera captured footage that apparently shows Will Smith’s Mercedes SUV being rear-ended by a Hummer H2 that police say was driven by Cardell Hayes, the man accused of firing a handgun moments later to murder the former Saints player the night of April 9.Cant see the video? Click here.A couple of things stand out about the audio-less video, which was obtained by our content partners at WWL-TV on Monday and then provided to The New Orleans Advocate:– The Hummer’s brake lights appear to illuminate a number of times before the collision down the road from the coffee shop on Sophie Wright Place. It was not immediately clear what that could mean for Hayes, who was accused by an attorney representing Smith’s family of intentionally ramming into the back of the Mercedes, setting off a confrontation that left the former Super Bowl champion dead after eight bullet wounds, seven of which were to his back.One of Hayes’ defense attorneys, John Fuller, has denied that his client hit Smith on purpose. Fuller says Hayes was trying to get the license plate number of a car that had rear-ended his Hummer nearby on Magazine Street a little while before the shooting and then drove off. Footage from a couple of businesses on Magazine show Smith’s Mercedes may have lightly struck Hayes’ Hummer as the two vehicles were approaching try this web-site traffic stopped at a red light before the Mercedes drove off and the Hummer followed.– A couple of minutes after the crash, it appears two people seek cover behind a car parked on the passenger side of Sophie Wright Place (editor’s note: The video above is edited down from its original version; people are seen seeking cover at the 15-second mark, rather than several minutes into the video like in its original, unedited version.).– At least one of the people seeking cover seems to have a cell phone pointed toward where the Hummer hit the back of the Mercedes, as if recording. Fuller has claimed that police were given a cell phone video showing the events preceding Smith’s shooting. It is not clear if the unidentified person shown in the Hi-Volt surveillance footage is the one who captured the video referred to by Fuller.– Smith’s shooting is not visible in the footage captured by the Hi-Volt surveillance camera.

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