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Cole traveled into flood-ravaged regions essentially every day for two weeks. He made some campaign appearances that had been on the books for a long time, but said it was a 90-10 split in favor of flood work. Still, his efforts were overshadowed by Justice, who announced the reopening of The Greenbrier at a news conference with a banner reading “God Bless The Great People ofWestVirginia” draped behind him. “I really went out of my way not to publicize it,” Cole said, “then all of a sudden, it was, ‘Where are you?’ … ‘Why aren’t you doing something?'” Cole, the state Senate president, added in an interview, “To me, the fine line also exists if I’m out there looking for the TV cameras to get interviewed, then am I really helping or am I just looking for earned media?” Cole said he’s not judging Justice’s actions. He considers the flood off limits politically. Whether Justice’s intentions are pure, political or somewhere in between, no one disputes that he made an impact on a region in ruin. Among other efforts, he has raised $1.9 million for flood relief through his charity, Neighbors Loving Neighbors, including checks from celebrities like NBA legend JerryWestand PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson. Another indirect benefit: Republican attacks temporarily fell silent against Justice for being delinquent on his bills, taxes, coal mine fines and other obligations. Local residents sang Justice’s praises when they walked the resort’s halls to grab a free lunch late last month. “It’s great PR,” said Marybeth Beller, a Marshall University political science professor.medical behavioral interview questions

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